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Gyver has been providing smart technologies, fast connections, and secure network designs for years and we aren't slowing down. We remain focused on equipping clients with technologies that deliver even better solutions: even Smarter, even Faster, even more Secure.

Let our team combine best-in-class technologies for your workflows to level-up your organization’s speed, connectivity, and security.

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Gyver Spotlight

A WLAN testing platform that's smarter than the rest

Since its arrival, IT deployment for WLAN has been a best-guess scenario. You never really know how much your WLAN can handle until it can't handle it. And that break-over point always comes at the worst possible time. 

That's changed thanks to Gyver's WiCAP testing platform.


Network Infrastructure
and Security

You can trust in the reliability and security of our network designs and installations. Our engineers design and build smart, fast & secure infrastructures to give you maximum control and minimize threats to your network so you can move peering and compute between apps, data, workers, and customers.


    Wireless & Cellular Engineering

    Whether you need to connect multiple buildings via a Point to Point communications, amplify cellular connectivity for your buildings or create a fast but locked-down WLAN environment, Gyver has a custom solution that will work for you and your team, and we're ready to help you support 5G and Wi-Fi 6.



      Our white labeled development solutions create streamlined and comprehensive databases, production servers, and web-based server applications. We have specializations in marketing websites, web-based CRM applications, banking compliance management and document databases for legal firms.


        Network Infrastructure
        and Security

        Gyver can help you streamline your network to get more granular control, more agility, and more insights into your user and density demands. Using the latest gear, you can build an intent-based infrastructure to transform your business and overcome your most challenging user environments.

        Our smart network designs use cost-effective high-density hardwired routers at 400G and Open API automation along with top-flight WAP hardware giving you super-fast connections that won't compromise your OpSec or OpEx.


        Wifi and Cellular

        PtP, 5G Cellular and Wi-Fi 6? Sure. 

        No matter what your industry, connectivity is critical. More than that, the number of connected devices (even in non-BYOD shops) is on a logarithmic growth curve. As the IoT and mobile devices work their way into your enterprise IT, you can't afford to not keep up. Gyver is here to provide you scalable solutions for all the new tech that you must deploy.

        As organizations and cities expand, the need for smart, fast secure communications grows into a more difficult puzzle to solve. How can you expand your comms while minimizing your attack vectors? How can you maintain reliability despite environmental issues? How can you stay in-step of the expectations of your c-suite team without losing control of your network management ability?

        Let Gyver help with wireless, wi-fi & cellular solutions that keep you connected, without opening you up to attacks.



        Gyver is more than a network technologies company. Our clients are happy to use our years of development expertise to design, program, implement and maintain custom applications inside and outside your enterprise firewall. 

        Here are a few examples:

        CRM and Marketing Reporting

        Check out the HUB, a follow-up and prospect development web-based CRM application server specially designed for buying directly from homeowners and providing wholesale buyers with detailed reporting.


        More of Our Development Projects

        Crowd-sourced Property Discovery & Inspection

        A custom web-based mobile site that allows for anyone to find, upload and get paid for off-market, direct-to-seller contact for Real Estate Investors.

        Direct Marketing Site for Real Estate Buying

        A single-family residence (SFR) deep-discount buying program website aimed at direct contact with homeowners  optimized for PPC and mobile users

        Single Family Residential Online Marketplace

        Rental Portfolio Owners can add their properties in a fast and easy manner getting immediate benefits like portfolio rates for insurance and mortgages.

        Custom Bank Compliance Database SaaS

        Created for a national accounting firm, the Enterprise Mortgage Compliance System provides critical tools to assess compliance with banking regs.