Gyver has years of multi-discipline development expertise in programming languages and platforms.  We design, program, implement and maintain custom applications for use both inside your enterprise firewall and out on the internet as a web-based application server. let us know what you need, and we’ll engineer a solution you can count on.


Enterprise Mortgage Compliance System

Created for a national accounting firm, the Enterprise Mortgage Compliance System provides critical organizational tools to assess compliance with banking regulations. Depending on the users role in the organization, the system provides specific tools to accomplish their job more efficiently. Managers can import jobs, assign tasks, track progress and see the amount of billable work accomplished for each client. Employees have an interface to show their assigned work load, and aid in recording the results of their analysis. Dashboard widgets and beautiful crystal reports provide executives and clients with an overview of the status of their jobs, and their organization’s compliance with current banking regulations.

Real Estate

Leading Edge Tech for Real Estate Pros

Why build it yourself when we have already built it for you? Simply white label our platforms with your branding then let us integrate the result to your website in less than 30 days. Or use our development team to generate a complete design and digital marketing solution specifically tailored to your needs. Either way, you’ll get top-shelf code that does exactly what you need it to do.

Are You A REIT looking to buy houses?

Think Roofstock™ in a Box

Exactly what you need to buy hundreds or thousands of houses directly from homeowners and portfolio owners.

Rental Pro Club

Portfolio Owners add their Rentals in a fast and easy manner. It’s free to join and they’ll get immediate benefits, like portfolio rates on insurance and mortgage, plus access to National Buyers.

The Owners' Club


Introduction Video

The Buyers' Club


Are You A Rehabber looking to buy houses?

Think HomeVestors™ in a Box

Exactly what you need to buy hundreds or thousands of houses directly from homeowners and portfolio owners.

Buy Every Home

Single-family residence deep-discount purchasing program that is powerfully optimized for mobile device users. Videos created by a PIXAR artist along with a compelling brand and gorgeous design enables many properties to be bought directly from home owners. Form-fills populate the HUB and start the sales process instantly.

The Storm

The Climb

Crowdsourcing for Homeowner Direct Buying, Property Inspections and Much More

Mobile Agency

An army of freelance workers hitting neighborhoods near their daily routes to and from their normal activities, each a mobile income producer and an always-moving source of leads for the system.

Mobile Property Discovery Video

CRM & Prospect Management

The Hub

Empower your lead follow up and prospect development with our CRM system especially designed for buying directly from homeowners. Even send video messages directly to your homeowner all through the buy process directly from your mobile device