Cellular Engineering

The rise of cellular-connected devices means that in-building cell signal matters more than ever. Whether you are implementing a Multi-site Safety & Security plan for a school or company, or just making sure your remote workers can be productive, Gyver can engineer a solution for your circumstance.

Enterprise Class

Solutions for Companies of Any Size

Top-line schools and major corporations take student and employee safety very seriously. It's core to their mission. That's why they ask Gyver to deliver blanketed cell-signal in every bit of their facilities, from offices, to housing and to dining halls to gyms. With upgraded tech, they don't worry that a 911 call won't get through or that an emergency alert will be missed. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do for your organization.

Next-generation Cellular is Here

Staying current with the constant flood of data-hungry devices is vital for your teams' digital transformation. New 5G tech hols the promise of meeting your current business requirements with the flexibility to adapt to changing demands. These devices are coming to your network sooner than later, so get ahead of the BYOD curve by supporting the channel before the requests from the C-Suite come piling in.


Cell Repeaters & Amplifiers

If you notice that everything around you suddenly has a cell antenna, you aren't wrong and many IT departments are finding their buildings are hostile environments for outside cell signal. Hospitals, Schools, Warehouses and Corporate offices all need strong signal for communication and safety.  Gyver can help.

Network Problems

Cell providers are playing catch-up with the increased demand for connectivity and simply aren't putting up enough broadcast towers and stations to accommodate the new reality that even watches are pinging their network constantly.

Structural Interference

From metal roofs and ducting to adjacent-channel interference to bermuda-triangle cellular holes, many signal issues are simply a result of structural and system issues. That doesn't mean you can't improve and even amplify a cell signal.

We Ensure Connectivity

Gyver Networks understands your frustration, which is why we offer an array of cellular amplification technologies that will ensure connectivity is available when you need it most. Bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) differ greatly in antenna design and amplification capabilities.

Smart solutions are ones that are customized to the operating issues and environments they solve. Let our expert team visit your site and create the optimum fix for your problem set.


Case Studies

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Every client a situation creates different problems to solve, but our decades of experience and up-to-the-minute expertise translates across different industries and environments. Let's talk and see our Gyver can help your team

Andover Academy

Ask us about the Andover Academy cellular project to understand how Gyver's expertise helped them solve a major issue in common for schools, hospitals, and companies that can't tolerate problems with cell signal.

Choose Experts

You don't have to worry about where to put which antenna or which repeater you need. Gyver has years of experience in picking the right combination of technologies for your specific environment and requirements.


Bring the Signal Inside

More and more IT crews are being asked to support Remote Workers or to manage the connectivity of Key Operating Personnel. Many times the issues revolve around maintaining communications no matter where the work is happening, and call-drops and signal-degradation become real problems really fast. Gyver can help with bringing the existing cell-signal inside or amplifying the signal that's there. Plus we can create a secure Wi-Fi network even in a residential environ.

Detached, not Disconnected

If your remote workers are solely reliant on their own Wi-Fi for VOIP calling, be prepared for lots of support calls. We can help with the Wi-Fi too, but a strong cell signal is an important backup for critical comms.

A strong cell signal might be the best overall investment any homeowner can make, especially during storms or other infrastructure stresses, a consistent cell signal may be the only communication possible.


911 Works

It's not breaking news that fewer and fewer households rely on landlines for any communication. This creates a big problem for 911 and emergency call-centers who need to be able to geo-locate an emergency call.  Wi-Fi calling typically routes to the nearest IP block, which could be miles away, and if you use a VPN, could be on the wrong side of the state.

A cellular amplification or repeating solution can mitigate that risk for all carriers, not just the one that has the homeowner subscription.

Whether you are managing mission-critical connections for your executive team, remote workers or a builder adding value to your projects, Let a Gyver Signal package help you keep your comms online.


All Carriers Work

Lots of cell-boosters only work for one carrier, and many rely on a strong internet connection too. That means limited connectivity on the best of days and no connectivity at all when things go badly.

Gyver Signal solutions work for every carrier because they repeat or amplify the towers around your location for everyone in the house. Contact us today to get started strengthening your signal.